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  • Ashle Benson, National Secretary

PAS Announces a New Name and New Executive Director

The National Post-Secondary Agricultural Student Association (PAS) announces several big changes as they position themselves as a resource for the agriculture industry in meeting their labor needs. First, a new name, National Professional Agricultural Student Organization (PAS), one that is more reflective of the organization’s vision to be the premier leadership and career development organization serving college agriculture students and the agriculture industry. Second, they have hired Mary Kay Delvo as their next executive director and national officer coordinator.

Chuck Holloway, PAS, Board Chair, said, “PAS is going through a transformation. If you didn’t know who PAS was before, you soon will. All the pieces are in place for this organization to soar. After a multi-state search and going through an incredible pool of talent, the National PAS Board of Directors is pleased to have hired Mary Kay Delvo as our organization’s new Executive Director and National Officer Coordinator.”

“I am so excited to share the news about PAS with industry”, says Delvo. “When I learned of PAS’ work, I thought, ‘PAS is the best kept hiring secret out there for agriculture, food, and natural resource industries.’ PAS has a great story to tell and I am thrilled to be in the position of getting to tell that story to students, college advisors, and industry reps in search of career-ready candidates. Labor is the largest challenge facing all industries in the next 20 to 25 years. PAS can play an important role in addressing that challenge.”

Its one-of-a-kind national collegiate-level competition-style learning model gives students the practical and

hands-on development opportunities essential for career success. Students compete at the local, state, and national levels and are guided by faculty advisors to develop the technical, professional and soft skills required for career success within the agriculture industry.

For nearly forty years, PAS has been developing two and four-year college-level professional agriculture students for the workplace through participation in employment experience programs, skill-set development, network opportunities, and organizational activities. PAS develops students into highly prepared, professional and passionate employees. If you work in industry or with a two or four-year college agriculture program and want to learn more, contact Mary Kay Delvo at


In addition to her new role as executive director of PAS, Mary Kay owns, INspiring SIGHT, where she coaches businesses on how to align every aspect of their company around their core vision; increasing efficiency, effectiveness and ensuring they are rowing in the same direction. She has been working with complex private, public, organizational, non-profit, educational and family systems for twenty-five years. She draws from these multi-sector perspectives to challenge others to consider new perspectives useful for understanding the complex systemic and cultural dynamics affecting the workplace.

Mary Kay has a long history of program development along with a passion for taking organizations to the ‘next level’ and helping candidates and employers find their ‘best match’.

Prior to founding INspiring SIGHT, Mary Kay was the director of strategic engagement for AgriGrowth, a member association representing agribusiness and food companies throughout Minnesota. She has spoken for the National Farmers Union College Cooperative Conference, Minnesota Association of Agriculture Educators, Professional Agriculture Students (PAS) and at the State FFA Convention. She serves on several boards -- Fridley School Board (2nd term), Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation Board, and International Coaching Federation, MN.

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