The National PAS Organization began in 1979 with a gathering in Kansas City. A year later the organization celebrated it's official birth a year later in 1980. In 1980 PAS was officially drafted as one of the ten Career and Technical Student Organizations, there are now eleven recognized organizations. 

The history of PAS is the history of post-secondary education in agriculture beginning early in the twentieth century. In the 1960's and 1970's federal legislation changed resulting in the rapid growth in the number of institutions offering agricultural education at the post-secondary level. 

Development of student agricultural organizations at the state level began in the mid-1960s. On the national level, the formation of this organization began with a National Seminar sponsored by the USOE at Cobleskill, New York in 1966. This seminar was to identify curiculum content, facilities, and requirements for post-secondary programs. A committee in 1966 named "Youth Organizations and Activities for Two-Year Post High School Students in Agriculture" met to develop guidelines for a post high school student organization in agriculture. The members of the committee were: Tomas Quick, H. B. Drake, Norman Gay, Ralph Guthrie, Fred Manley, Ralph Mattews, Harold Noakes, Gary Swan, and John Lacey as chairman. They determined the organization should be developed at the local level at the time, then develop into a state and nationoal level. 

At the National Regional Agricultural Education Seminar held January 9-11, 1969in Muscatine, Iowa, the discussion was that some type of student organization was necessary. The seminar was conducted by Howard Sidney of Cobleskill, New York. At the time there was no interest in forminga a national post-secondary student organization. 

In 1973 the USOE and Minnesota Department of Education conducted a national conference to develop standards for excellence in instruction at the post-secondary level. The faculty recognized the potential value of a National Student Organiztion and a committee of educators were appointed to investigate the subject. 


To provide individual growth, leadership and career preparation opportunities for professional agriculture students.


To be the premier leadership and career development organization serving college agriculture students.

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