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Contact National PAS by phone (612-355-1266) if needed.


We need your help to judge our competitions!

Volunteer at Conference as a CPA Judge

Judges generally work in teams of 3 (sometimes 2), depending on the total number we have for the competitions.


To make the competitions as fair as possible for student participants, it is helpful if judges can be available for blocks of one to two full days. We can break up a day if needed, but it's difficult to replace a judge halfway through the presentations.


Having some knowledge in the field of agriculture, sciences or national resources is helpful but not required. There is no specific technical knowledge required to judge any of the competitions. For example, if your job is in the Livestock industry, we might put you in presentations for a category like Beef Specialist, Sheep Specialist, Poultry Specialist, Swine Specialist or maybe Dairy or Equine Specialist.



Judges commitment from approximately 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM



Judges commitment from approximately 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Each team / student will receive a case study with for evaluating a current/recent event. Teams/Individuals are scored based on 3 parts:

1. Written Test

2. Written case study response

3. Oral presentation (8-10 min) in front of judges, and answering judge questions


Judging is a volunteer position, and National PAS will waive your conference registration fee and provide you with lunch on the day(s) you judge. There is no cost to park at the college.  There is an option this year to help virtually to grade some portions of the contests if you are unable to attend the event in person.  


Thank you for sharing your time and talent with National PAS! To sign up as a JUDGE - to sign up, please follow this link: 


Nate Dobbels from Iowa State University and Casey Bolin from IL Ag Ed are both helping to coordinate Judges for these events (Thanks Nate and Casey!).  Nate or Casey will follow up with everyone who signs up with more details as we get closer to the event. 


Here is a list of all the areas of competition:


Individual Events

  •  Agricultural Education

  •  Agricultural Promotion & Marketing

  •  Agricultural Sales

  •  Animal Health / Vet Tech Specialist

  •  Career Planning (9 areas)

  •  Career Progress (9 areas)

  •  Employment Interview (10 areas)

  •  Impromptu Speaking

  •  Precision Agriculture

  •  Prepared Speaking


Team Events

  •  Agronomy Specialist

  •  AMSTA (Agriculture Machinery Service Technician Award)

  •  Beef Specialist

  •  College Bowl

  •  Conservation and Natural Resources

  •  Dairy Specialist

  •  Equine Specialist

  •  Farm Business Management Specialist

  •  Floriculture and Greenhouse Specialist

  •  Landscape and Nursery Design

  •  Poultry Specialist

  •  Sheep and Goat Specialist

  •  Soil Science Specialist

  •  Swine Specialist

  •  Turfgrass Management Specialist



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