To provide individual growth, leadership and career preparation opportunities for professional agriculture students.


To be the premier leadership and career development organization serving college agriculture students.


  • Individual Leadership Abilities
  • Intellectual Growth
  • Technical Competency
  • Strong Personal Ethics
  • Life Long Learning
  • Diversity
  • Education and Industry Partnerships


  • Available to students in agriculture-related collegiate programs in 550 institutions in all 50 states.


  • Instructional programs cover all areas of agriculture and agriculture-related occupations.
  • The organization enhances members’ occupational training through incentive awards and leadership opportunities, including:
- Agricultural Education Career Program Area

- Ag Machinery Service Technician Career Program Area

- Agricultural Sales Career Program Area

- College Bowl

- Crops Specialist Career Program Area

- Dairy Specialist Career Program Area

- Employment Interview Career Program Area

- Equine Science Career Program Area

- Livestock Specialist Career Program Area

- Ornamental Horticulture Career Program Area

- Planning for Progress Career Program Area that:
    • Encourages PAS members to explore careers and take active roles in the educational process
    • Provides students with state and national recognition in specific agricultural areas
- Soil Science Specialist Career Program Area

- Speakers for Agriculture Career Program Area


  • Governed by a National Board of Directors
  • The board is composed of seven national student officers and nine non-student members.
  • Non-student members represent postsecondary faculty, teacher educators, state supervisors, industry and the U.S. Department of Education.


  • The organization conducts business in the fall and at the national conference; held annually in March.
  • In the interim, the board of directors meets to deal with organizational business.


  • Membership fees are paid on a chapter and individual basis.
  • Special projects are funded by agricultural businesses and organizations.


  • The national organization was organized in March 1979 under Draft Bylaws.
  • Officially founded in March 1980 with the adoption of Bylaws.

Further Information

Mary Kay Delvo 
Executive Director

5775 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 700
Minneapolis MN 55416

Office 612-355-1266