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Interview with

Kayla Tobias

Join Vice President Jodie Weyland and Kayla Tobias for an interview about the importance of PAS and why we are here. 

Kayla Tobias (formerly Portwood) is the Recruting Manager at GROWMARK, Inc. a sponsor of the PAS Organization. 

Interview with

William Nelson

Join Vice President Jodie Weyland and William Neslon for an interview about the Ralph Morris Foundations's sponsorship with the PAS Organization

What Qualities Make You a Leader?

Listen in on Vice President Joelle Edwards's Speech from the Wisconsin Leadership series. She asks, What qualities make YOU a leader? Let's find out! 

Agriculture Safety around livestock

Join Vice President Jodie Weyland on a tour around the Weyland Family Farm while discussing Agriculture Safety around the livestock. 

Follow YOUR Path

Listen in on National PAS President Adam Liegel's speech for the Wisconsin Leadership Series as he talks about following others footsteps and continuing the path desired. 

Embracing Leadership

Join Vice President Mackenzie Craig as she talks about the question, what is leadership? 

What is leadership to you? 


To provide individual growth, leadership and career preparation opportunities for professional agriculture students.


To be the premier leadership and career development organization serving college agriculture students.

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