PAS Associates is an organization of former members, advisors, administrators, industry representatives, parents and PAS supporters.


The Associates support and promote the National PAS Organization through financial contributions, award program sponsorships and donations of time and expertise serving as career program area judges, timekeepers and assistants.  At the local and state levels, Associates members provide guidance and support to current PAS members, as well as promotional and financial aid.


PAS Associates membership provides the organization’s supporters the opportunity to continue their association with PAS and give something back to the organization.  PAS Associates was officially organized at the 10th Reunion National Conference in Kansas City, MO in March, 1988.



  • Support and promote PAS organization and PAS activities
  • Recognize the value of postsecondary agricultural/technical education at local, state and national levels



  • PAS Alumni
  • Faculty and Advisors
  • School Administrators
  • Parents
  • Friends of PAS
  • Industry Representatives



  • Assist at PAS events by serving as judges, timekeepers, career program area officials, etc.
  • Provide financial support to PAS
  • Recruit for postsecondary schools
  • Participate in local and state PAS events
  • Attend PAS Associates session at PAS national conference


Organizational Pattern

The PAS Associate committee, is the executive body of PAS Associates and consists of a chairperson and two at-large members.

  • Chairperson
  • Chairperson-Elect
  • Agribusiness/Ag Educator
  • National PAS Past President serves in an advisory capacity
PAS National Advisor and PAS Executive Director are ex-officio members of the Pas Associates Committee